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J522 Two-Station Fully Automatic Centrifugal Casting Machine

The centrifugal casting machine has two stations, designed for casting various speicification iron pipe, it stands for the highest level.

FOB Price:
US $ 50000.00 - 150000.00 / Set
1 Sets
Monthly Capacity:
20 Sets
Qingdao, China
Payment Terms:
L/C, T/T


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Product Description


1. General description of the machine,

    The type J522 carrier roll centrifugal casting machine (called the machine for short in the following) is composed of the main machine, the clean-up system, the painting system, the pouring system, the protective cover and the electric control system. It is a complete set of advanced medium centrifugal casting machine designed and manufactured by our company specially for producing the castings with the specifications of 130 mm×1400mm.


. Main technical specifications and parameters,

1.      The max. diameter of the casting:                      140 mm;

2.      The smallest. diameter of the casting:                50 mm;

3.      The length of the casting:                                  1400 mm;

4.      The diameter of the carrier wheel:              Φ 300×50 mm;

5.      The speed of the mould rotational:                0 ~ 2400 rpm

6.      The max. load of the machine (mould barrel + casting):     800kg;

7.      The power of the main motor:                                7.5kW

8.      The power of the oil pump main motor:                   15KW

9.      The pressure of the hydraulic system:                     10 Mpa

10.    The overall dimensions of the machine:            8500×2100×1300mm


3. Descriptions of the structure to the machine,

1.         The machine adopts 7.5kW AC Machinery variable-frequency velocity modulation motor .

2.         The clean-up system is composed of the hydraulic clean-up car.

3.         The painting system is composed of the painting car and the painting pot. The hydraulic will drive the painting car.

4.         The pouring system is an automatic traveling device for inpouring the fixed-ration high-temperature alloy liquid into the pouring tundish and the alloy liquid is then injected via  the pouring chute into the mould barrel which has the special technological rotational speed.

5.         The protective cover acts the safety and protection functions during the pouring process. It is used to prevent the high-temperature metal liquid splashing to the outside around while conducting the pouring operation.

6.         The main machine of the electric control system adopts AC speed-governing mode that can satisfy the different technology and different rotational speed requirements according to the different castings, also can realize the rotational speed monitoring for the pouring process. The pouring system adopts the variable-frequency speed-governing mode that can satisfy the stepless speed-governing requirements for the different technology and different painting speed according to the different castings. The electric control system adopts PLC control with touch screen setting and displaying functions.


 CE Certificate: Yes

 Loading port: Qingdao, China.

 Leadtime: 80 days after deposoit.

 Payment term: L/C sight OR T/T


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