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Register as A Buyer

Register as a buyer
For your better experience on our website, we suggest you to log in via Google Chrome.
Please click the following link to install Google Chrome.
By following the instructions below, you can initiate your free membership at E-Cantonfair.com
Step 1. Click “Join Free” in the top-left corner of any E-Cantonfair.com page.


Step 2. Complete the registration form and click ‘Create your account’

Step 3. Click ‘Check E-mail Now’ to turn to your mail page for verification activation
If you cannot find an activation email in your inbox, please check the spam box
If you did not receive activation mail in inbox or spam box, please click ‘Click here to send the activation email again ’after 1 minute to get a new one

Step 4. On your mail page, open the ‘User Registration’ mail from E-Cantonfair.
Step 5. After opening the mail, click ‘Complete Registration!’ button to verify your email address
If the ‘Complete Registration!’ button did not appear, please click the verification code link
If the verification code link is invalid, please click ‘here’ to get a new activation mail 

Step 6. After clicking ‘Complete Registration’ button or the verification code link, you will turn to the page as below. 
Then your e-cantonfair account registers successfully. It will automatically jump to your E-Cantonfair,com after few seconds OR you can click 'Click Here' to turn to the E-Cantonfair.com directly.

Step 7. On the E-Cantonfair page, Click ‘Sign in’.

Step 8. On the Sign In page, enter your account which is your user name or email address registered and password to log in.

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